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Fake Auto Features for April Fool’s 2017

It’s April, and you know what that means! Some people played pranks on their loved ones and co-workers, and many businesses and institutions announced products and features that they had no intention of actually creating. For many car brands, this manifested as a host of fake features. What are we talking about? From the Honda Horn Emojis to the Lexus Lane Valet, automakers unveiled ridiculous (but intriguing) fake features. Check out some automotive April Fool’s Videos 2017 below!

Automotive April Fool’s Videos 2017

Honda Horn Emojis

Theoretically appearing on the 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan, the Honda Horn Emojis offer drivers ways to communicate more emotions than just “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” From a happy little honk for saying hello to neighbors to a horn specifically designed to notify dogs that a car is on the way, the Honda Horn Emoji April Fool’s fake feature is simultaneously intriguing and weird.

Lexus Lane Valet

Have you ever wanted a slow driver to get out of the fast lane with all your heart? Well, that’s where Lexus Lane Valet comes in. Probably inspired by real vehicle technology (like the Cadillac V2V vehicle communication system that we’ve talked about in a previous post), the Lexus Lane Valet fake feature announced for April Fool’s Day 2017 allows Lexus owners to remove slow drivers from the fast lane. This completely imaginary technology will NOT be available on the completely awesome (and real) Lexus LC and all-new Lexus LS.

Ford Mustang Pony-Heartbeat

Okay, this one may not be an April Fool’s prank, but instead, an actual feature coming out on the refreshed 2018 Ford Mustang. The push-to-start button will pulse red at a rate of 30 beats per minute, which is the same as the resting heart rate of an adult Mustang. This feature was announced on March 30, which is about when other automakers were sending out press releases about their fake features, but this might very well just be an actual new Ford feature. With the fantastic advancements in-car features in recent years, it can be hard to tell!

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