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What are the benefits of driving a minivan?

For those of you who stay tuned to our blog, you know we’ve already explored the benefits of driving a sedan, SUV and a truck. This time we’re going to shine a light on the vehicle that gets the most beef – the minivan. Although these vehicles are the core of a lot of soccer mom jokes, minivans clearly have a lot to offer when it comes to space, versatility and convenience.

Minivans has sustained the test of time and have continued to thrive even with the ‘uncool’ stereotype they’ve fallen into. If you ask anyone driving a minivan, chances are they’ll tell you they love their minivan and wouldn’t know what to do without it. We’re going to share the top three reasons why drivers choose minivans.
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Top Three Reasons to Buy a Minivan –

  1. Tons of Seating Most minivans can seat seven or eight passengers, which is usually enough room for your family and friends. Whether you’re taking your children and their friends out for ice cream or going out on the town with your own friends, a minivan offers the ideal amount of space for a larger crowd.
  2. Entertainment  If you’ve ever been in a car with a child for more than an hour, you know just how bored they can get. However, nowadays a lot of minivans come equipped with built-in DVD players. These are truly lifesavers for parents who spend a lot of time on the road because they can easily keep their children entertained.
  3. Lots of Space It’s obvious that minivans are great for fitting a lot of passengers, but they’re also excellent to have when it’s time to move large furniture or other belongings. Most minivans make it easy to fold down all the rear seating to create tons of space for items as big as a mattress or small couch.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are simply our suggestions as to why drivers should consider buying a minivan. The automotive market is full of choices, and we hope that our suggestions can help narrow down your options.


Those interested in learning more about what minivans have to offer are encouraged to contact our team here at Certified Autoplex for more information. Drivers can get behind the wheel of any of our used vehicles by scheduling a test drive online today.

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