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Say Hello To the Chevy Redline Lineup

Among many auto brands, Chevy is well-known for offering extensive special editions across their entire model lineup. Whether vehicle shoppers long for a unique light-duty truck or a stylish hatchback, Chevy vehicles can deliver. But what Chevy special editions are appearing at this year’s huge auto show in Chicago? Say hello to the Chevy Redline lineup at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show.

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Chevy Redline Lineup at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

The Redline special editions offer a unique look on almost a dozen Chevy models, ranging from the compact Chevy Cruze all the way up to the full-size Chevy Silverado. What makes a Redline stand out from your standard Chevy or any other special edition? Each Redline model will come with black nameplates with red outlines, blacked-out grilles, black Chevrolet bow-tie designs, and black wheels with red hash marks. Check out the rear of the Cruze Redline, display to the right.

Specific models will also have extra red accents. The Silverado and Colorado will boast red tow hooks, all the better for getting work done on and off the road, while the stylish Camaro muscle car will have black hash marks above the wheels. Redline models will be available in a variety of exterior colors, though models on display at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show are exclusively white. The Redline editions made their debut in 2015 at the SEMA Show.

rear view of the 2017 Chevy Cruze Redline at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show
front grille view of the 2017 Chevy Silverado Redline at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

Chevy Redline Vehicles

What vehicles will be available with a Redline special edition? Check it out:

  • Cruze LT (sedan and hatchback)
  • Malibu LT
  • Camaro LT/SS (coupe and convertible)
  • Trax LT
  • Equinox LT
  • Traverse Premier
  • Colorado LT
  • Silverado Double Cab LT Z71, Crew Cab LTZ Z71

And all of these are on display currently at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show.

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