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BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series

Drivers in the market for an attractive compact luxury car can have an easy choice with either of the options in this BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series comparison. With premium features, engaging driving, and confident BMW engineering, both the 3 Series and 4 Series can satisfy. But what is the difference between these two models? The BMW 3 Series is an elegant entry-level luxury sedan. This four-door model can fit more neatly in the budgets of individuals looking for a luxury option that won’t break the bank. While in past years this model has also been available in coupe and convertible body styles, in recent years those models have received the BMW 4 Series moniker. While specific model years will come with their own engine options, styling, and unique feature content, generally speaking the BMW 3 Series will have similar dimensions and engine options to the BMW 4 Series, but offer slightly more practicality, while only the 4 Series will have the same open air or stylish flare. We’ve compared two current model year vehicles below to give you an idea of the similarities.

2017 BMW 3 Seriesvs2017 BMW 4 Series
$39,000Estimatd Starting MSRP$50,000 (convertible), $42,000 (coupe)
SedanBody StylesCoupe or Convertible
13 cubic feetTrunk Space13.1 (convertible), 15.7 (coupe)

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Similar models of the 3 Series and 4 Series (for example, the 330i and the 430i in the 2017 model year) will come the same engine, and therefore be fairly similar in regards to horsepower, torque, and mileage. The BMW 3 Series sedan offers seating for up to five passengers, which can be a significant help when practical transportation is an issue. The BMW 4 Series has just four seats, but it can offer more trunk room than the 3 Series when in its coupe body style. When comparing the BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series, it is clear that either one of these vehicles can be an attractive option for drivers. If you would like to explore a pre-owned BMW, or even take the BMW 3 Series or BMW 4 Series for a test drive, our pre-owned luxury car dealership in Carrollton TX usually has one or two of these models in stock. We also offer affordable shipping anywhere in the United States on most of our models. Contact a member of the Certified Autoplex team today to learn more about the Used BMW 3 Series and 4 Series.

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