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Tire pressure summer to winter

Why is Tire Pressure Important?

Does Tire Pressure Change from Summer to Winter?

Time and temperature do have an effect on tire pressure. That’s why it is so important to check your tire pressure on a regular basis. There are two things to keep in mind. The first is that as air is heated and cooled it expands and contracts, it is a gas after all. The second thing is that the temperature difference between summer and winter in most parts of the country is an average of 50 degrees. That’s enough to have an effect on tire pressure.

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The most critical time of year to check your tires is falling because the temperatures are dropping and your tire pressure will be affected. In fact, for every 10 degrees of temperature change, your tires will have about a 2% effect on the pressure.

Why is tire pressure important?

man and boy looking through tire_oTires are critical to your car. Without them, you couldn’t move. If they aren’t properly inflated you are compromising your ability to handle the car and also the car’s ability to get proper traction on the road. Even if they are just slightly under the proper inflation you are adding extra wear and tear to the tires. Proper tire pressure can increase your car’s efficiency.

Do you need new tires?

Let’s kick the tires on this one. We’ve all heard the expression and there is a reason it has stayed around so long. Do you really need new tires? If you are looking to keep your car in top shape or if you are looking to sell it and want to increase its value

The best time to get your tires checked is first thing in the morning. You want to make sure you head out before the day gets too warm and heats up the air in your tires. You also want to make sure that you don’t drive a long distance before checking them.

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