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Four Basic Car Seat Safety Tips

Everyone in a vehicle, whether the driver or someone in the third-row of a luxury SUV, deserves to be safe. This also applies to passengers of all ages. Children riding in cars need to have a car seat until approximately age 4 and have a booster seat after that until they reach 10-12 (or until the normal seat belts fit them). This is important for the safety of your children, but also Texas law. While it’s very important that children have correctly adjusted car seats, not everyone puts them incorrectly. Here are four tips for making sure your car seat is correctly installed (which can keep your kids safer in an accident).

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Four Tips for Making Sure Your Car Seat Is Correctly Installed

Make Sure It’s Tight Enough

If you can pinch the seat belt or wiggle the car seat more than one inch in either direction, the seat must be strapped in tighter.

Use a New Car Seat

Newer models fit better with modern cars, and as car seat age some parts (like plastics subjected to intense Texas heat) may start to degrade.

Face the Correct Way

Babies and very small children should be faced backward, while older ones can be in seats that face the front. Check your seat for instructions on which direction is good for what ages.

Get Help If Needed

Confused about the options available with car seats? You can visit BuckleUpForLife.org, or call the Children’s Health Car Seat Program in North Texas at 214-456-2059 for a free car seat check.

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