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How-To: Protect Your Car from Flood Damage

It might seem like you’d know exactly what to do if a flood occurred, or any other natural disaster, but you really don’t know what it will be like until it’s happening to you. Did you know that flash floods can still occur up to 12 hours after a heavy rainfall? It’s important to always stay on top of the latest weather updates and news to determine if there is any threat to your vehicle.

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Our team here at Certified Autoplex is going to share a few tips for safe driving in a flood as well as how to prepare you car if you know a flood is coming ahead of time. Be sure to check this out for more information on how to stay safe during heavy rainfall.

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Safe Driving in a Flood –

Sometimes you’ll get caught driving in a heavy rainfall and notice that the situation is becoming more alarming by the minute. At this point, try to avoid any large puddles or standing water because you never know how deep it might be. If you decide to go through the puddle, you could submerge your car into deep water before you know it.

If the rain is pouring down, you’ll want to make sure to have your headlights on. It can be very difficult to see other drivers in a heavy rainfall, so be sure to make yourself as visible as possible. Drive slowly, and it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to brake. When there’s water on the road, it can lead to hydroplaning. Make sure to brake slowly and allow your tires to grip the road instead of sliding on top of the water. The most important thing here is to use your judgement regarding the safety of the situation.

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Prepare Your Car for a Flood –

It really depends on the situation, but we all know that mother nature doesn’t always give us as much warning as we would like. It’s important to become familiar with the warning signs of a flood, especially if you live in a place that is rather prone to flooding. Luckily if you have enough time to plan there are ways to avoid flood damage to your car.

One of the most effective ways to avoid any damage is to get your vehicle onto higher ground. Become familiar with your city’s evacuation routes and plan a place to bring your vehicle if the threat of a flood arises. There are also car covers you can purchase specifically for a flood. All you have to do is simply drive your vehicle into the bag and close it up behind you. This way your vehicle is literally in a waterproof bag that should help save it from water damage.

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If you’re in the Carrollton, Texas area experiencing water damage to your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Certified Autoplex for more information. Drivers are welcome to browse our inventory online and schedule a test drive if there’s one they’re interested in.

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