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Lexus UX Concept Specs and Images

Early this month at the 2016 Paris Motor Show Lexus revealed the UX Concept, which is the automaker’s take on a futuristic compact SUV. It’s unique design is sure to catch the eye of drivers who are looking for a fun and exciting ride. Our team here at Certified Autoplex is going to share the information we know about the model so far to give drivers a sneak peak of the interior as well as some of the available specs.

The Lexus UX Concept is being designed in the South of France by ED2, which is Lexus’ design center. Not only does this concept completely redefine the overall driving experience we’re used to, but it also symbolizes a step forward for the design of Lexus vehicles.

“The biggest challenge for any designer is always to create something new and original, yet with relevance to both the customer and the brand. Overall, this is a product which gives another hint of the potential for Lexus’ design approach to satisfy those criteria. The expression of a progressive, strong yet artistic, and premium product which further enhances Lexus’ unique and challenging brand position.” – Simon Humphries, President of ED2

Interior and Exterior Pictures: Lexus UX Concept –

One of the most notable aspects of the Lexus UX Concept is the futuristic “inside-out” design concept. Basically what this means is that there will be a seamless flow from the exterior to the interior of this new compact SUV. Looking at it from the top, an X-shaped design with be identifiable.

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The front fenders flow effortlessly into the cabin and form housing for the e-mirror screens, which give drivers a better view from the door-mounted, rear-facing cameras. The rear exterior also works its way into the back seat making a perfect mount for the rear headrests. The interior will have a “deconstruction” theme most notable in the dashboard with its unconventional design.

Lexus_UX_Concept interior
Lexus_UX_Concept seats

Of course there are top-of-the-line technology features to be expected as well. These include electrochromic windows and e-mirror cameras instead of door mirrors. There is also a removeable sound bar that’s built into the passenger side of the dashboard for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to stay tuned to our blog for more details as they become available. The Lexus UX Concept is designed to have seating for four, which makes it ideal for single or smaller families. Be sure to check out our pre-owned Lexus inventory available online now.

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