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Safely Travel with Pets

How-To: Safely Travel With Pets in the Car

If your pets are a huge part of your life, then we completely understand if you’d want to take them along for your next camping trip or family getaway. Since you’ve made the decision to bring your pet along in the car, you’ll want to be sure you’re following proper safety procedures in order to keep your animal safe on the road. Let’s explore further ideas on how to safely travel with your pet in the car.

Travel Tips With Your Dog –

Depending on the size of your dog, these travel tips may vary. One of the most important things to remember when traveling with a dog is that the dog should not be roaming around the car. This can be a distraction for the driver, and you’re putting your dog in danger in the event of a crash. Instead of letting your dog wander around the car, we suggest having them in a crate that is securely anchored in the vehicle. There are dog restraints and seat belts available as well, but they’re not proven to be safe if the vehicle is in an accident.

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Safely travel with cats

Travel Tips With Your Cat –

Before you decide to bring your cat along on your next road trip, be sure to ask yourself if the decision is for you or your cat. The majority of cats do not enjoy traveling, and most of the time they’d be better off staying at home while you travel. However, there are times when it’s necessary to bring your cat along, so these are a few tips you should follow. Be sure to always have your cat in a carrier before you hit the road. Have it secured in the vehicle with a seat belt or some sort of restraint. Don’t let your cat have free range to the vehicle.

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It’s important to never allow either your dog or your cat to sit in the front seat. Like a child, the back seat is where your pet should be. This will keep them safer in case of a crash where the airbag is deployed. Also, be sure to never leave your pet alone in the car. Not only are you putting your animal’s health at risk, but you’re also putting them at risk for potential thieves.

When traveling with your pet, try to bring a friend or family member along to help with the tasks. This way it is easier to make frequent rest stops, especially with a dog, in order for them to use the bathroom and take a walk around to let out some energy. Having a travel buddy makes it easier for you to run inside to a gas station without having to worry about leaving your pet in the car alone.

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