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Safety Tips for Fall Driving

Safety Tips for Driving in the Fall

The leaves are changing colors and the temperature is starting to drop, which can only mean one thing – Fall is right around the corner. Although it may seem silly, there are definitely a few things we should keep in mind as drivers during these next few months that are different than the rest of the year. Our team here at Certified Autoplex is going to share some safety tips for drivers during Fall.

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How-To: Avoid Distracted Driving

Although it may seem like common sense, avoiding distractions behind the wheel may proven to be more challenging than we think. Nowadays our phones are constantly going off, and we’re always trying to multitask on our way to our next meeting or event. However, when you’re behind the wheel you’re not only responsible for your own safety, but the safety of others as well, which is why reading this article is very important.

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This time of year is meant for pumpkin carving, caramel apples and jumping in leaf piles, but it’s also a time of year that the driving conditions on the road start to become a little more challenging. Whether it’s wet leaves on the road or the intense sun glare, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before heading out on the road during these Fall months.

Top Three Tips for Safe Fall Driving

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  1. Keep an eye out for deerFall is the official start of the deer breeding season, which means they’ll be up and active a lot more than other times of the year. Because of this activity, drivers will notice them more as they crossroads and travel around. Their most active during sunrise and sunset, so these are the times you should be most alert. However, it’s a good idea to always have deer on the back of your mind when driving during the Fall months.
  2. Avoid braking on leaves Although it may be inevitable, it’s a good idea to try to avoid hard braking when you’re driving over leaves. Wet leaves can be rather slippery, so you’ll want to try driving over them as slow as possible. Leaves can also be deceiving because they can cover up centerlines and other lane markers. Be sure to pay extra attention to the edge of the road to avoid deviating out of your lane.
  3. Understand Autumn Equinox  During this time, we lose about 1 to 2 minutes of daylight each day. This means you’ll notice the sun setting earlier every day until it’s eventually set before you even leave work for the day. Be sure to allow time for your eyes to adjust to the light before getting behind the wheel. The sun glare is also rather intense during this time, which can make driving difficult. Take note of these times after sunrise and before sunset to plan your trips accordingly.

As always, attentive driving is important year-round. Regardless of the season, drivers should always be practicing safe driving habits. Our team here at Certified Autoplex will highlight some of the dangers of driving each season as we go through the year together, so be sure to stay tuned to our blog. More information about safe driving tips is available by contacting our team.

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