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Tips for Driving at Night

Tips for Driving at Night

Driving at night can be challenging for obvious reasons, which is exactly why our team here at Certified has put together a list of important tips to remember for when the sun goes down. Our depth perception and peripheral vision do not perform as well in low-light conditions, and headlights can only do so much. Put these tips into action next time you’re driving at night to stay safer behind the wheel.

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Some would argue that the worse part about driving at night is other driver’s oncoming headlights. It’s important to continually remind yourself not to look directly into oncoming traffic. That may seem obvious, but our attention naturally turns to the light so you’ll need to practice keeping your eyes straight ahead when traffic is passing by.

With just your headlights on, you’ll be able to see about 250 feet ahead in the dark. When you turn your high-beams on, that distances doubles. However, when you’re going 60 mph it usually takes around 200 feet to stop. This means your reaction time has to be even sharper at night to avoid an accident.

What can drivers do to stay safe at night?

Before driving:

  • Make sure headlights are clean
  • Dim the dashboard to be less distracting
  • Reposition exterior mirrors slightly downward
  • Switch inside rearview mirror to night setting

While driving:

  • Use fog lights
  • Look for reflections of eyes to avoid wildlife
  • Slow down for more reaction time
  • Avoid switching lanes as much as possible

Nowadays vehicles are always designed in a way that works to keep everyone safe. That’s why most models are set with standard daytime running lights and LED lighting to ensure the best possible visibility at all times. Drivers interested in learning more about which lights are offered on specific vehicles are encouraged to contact our team here at Certified Autoplex for more information.

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