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Top 5 Common Car Buying Mistakes

Tips to Help the Car Buying Process

Top 5 Common Car Buying Mistakes

Shopping for a new car can be an arduous, stressful process, especially considering in the end you’re going to be spending a pretty large sum of money. Many shoppers make the mistake of rushing through the car-buying process. They think they know what they want, they think they see what they want, so they buy what they think they want, and that’s where problems occur. We want to make sure you have a successful car-shopping experience, so we thought we’d give you the rundown on the top 5 most common car-buying mistakes.

Find a Used Vehicle
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Not Doing Enough Research

Obviously, since you’re hear and have read this far, you’re already on the right track to avoiding this mistake. Often times, shoppers don’t spend enough time researching. Don’t hone in on one vehicle, write down your needs – be they price, fuel efficiency, or even performance related – and then find a few vehicles that fit those needs, and continue researching from there.

Not Getting a Vehicle History Report

One you narrow your list down to a few choices, you want to make sure to get a vehicle history report on those cars. All kinds of things can be hidden to the naked eye, but they might be important to know what kind of vehicle you’re looking into, as well as problems that might creep up otherwise unannounced.

Not Taking a Thorough Test Drive

After analyzing some vehicle history reports, your list should be narrowed down even further, so it’s time to take a test drive. Don’t just hop in, take it around the block, and decide it’s perfect. Test everything. Try the air. Try the heat. See if the power-adjustable seats work. Pump up the radio. Fold down the back seats. Do everything you can think of to make sure the vehicle works in a way similar to how you will be using it.

Falling in Love Before the Purchase

Now that you’ve found that perfect vehicle for you, you might be thinking about falling in love with it. But don’t be physical, audible or visible in that love, because then it will be difficult to get a good deal on it. Auto salesman, especially those here at Certified Autoplex, are not at all like the monsters they’re made out to be on television, but they are still trying to make money. If you show them that you’re not leaving the store without your vehicle, they’ll know they don’t have to drop the price to meet your demands.

Negotiating by Monthly Payment

Finally, when it comes time to negotiate a purchase price for your vehicle, remember to negotiate the overall price first. It can be tempting to negotiate based on the monthly payment, because a lower monthly payment can make the vehicle seem less expensive. But in truth, a lower monthly payment generally means you’re going to be tacking on a big cost at the end of the bill, and you don’t want that.

Now that you know some of the things to avoid, you should be ready to start trying to find your next vehicle. Be sure to give us a call with any questions that might come up throughout the process.

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