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Driving laws in texas

Weird Driving Laws Throughout Texas

Whether you just recently moved to the state or you’ve lived here your whole life, we can guarantee you don’t know half of these weird driving laws in Texas. We all know the simple, commonsense laws such as wearing a seatbelt and following the speed limit. However, there are odd driving laws across the state you should be aware of. Let’s check them out.

Before we jump into the weird driving laws in our state, we wanted to share a few laws we found not exactly pertaining to driving. First of all, if you plan to commit a crime you must inform your victim at least 24 hours before the crime occurs either orally or in writing. If you don’t, we would imagine the sentence will be even harsher than it would be if you would have informed the victim of the upcoming event.

What weird driving laws are there in Texas?

In order to provide some organization, we’re going to categorize these weird driving laws by the cities that they pertain to. Ideally, this information will help keep you out of trouble while traveling the state, especially if you don’t realize you’re breaking the law.
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Galveston, TX – 5+ hours south of Carrollton

To start, it is illegal for someone to drive a motor car down Broadway before noon on Sundays. We suggest avoiding the area during that time if at all possible. In addition to this, sitting on the sidewalk in Galveston can result in up to a $500 fine. Next time you want to take a break on the sidewalk, you might want to reconsider. Bicyclists in this town must operate at a “reasonable speed” at all time as well, but the actual speed is never discussed.

Harker Heights, TX – 2+ hours south of Carrollton

Here is one that will definitely make you go ‘hmm’. In Harker Heights, drivers of city vehicles must respect all traffic rules just like the rest of the drivers. We’re trying to figure out if that’s not the case in other cities. We were under the impressive all drivers were subject to the same rules, but apparently not according to this odd law.

Lubbock County, TX – 5+ hours west of Carrollton

This law is one of the most interesting and detailed ones to make our list. In Lubbock County, it is illegal to drive within an arm’s length of alcohol. This does include alcohol in someone else’s bloodstream, so next time you’re the designated driver you’ll want to keep this in mind. If you do end up having to drive with someone who’s been drinking in your car, they’ll need to be sitting in the back seat.

Richardson, TX – 15 minutes east of Carrollton

These weird driving laws in Richardson are the closest we’ll get to Carrollton. First of all, it’s illegal to do a “U-Turn” here. It is also illegal to put a ‘For Sale’ sign on a car if it can be seen from the street.

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These are not only fun to talk about, but they’re important to know as well. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Certified Autoplex for more details.

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