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What are the benefits of driving an SUV?

If you’re in the market for your next vehicle, you may be considering changing things up a bit by getting a different body type than what you’re used to. Those who’ve driven a car or a truck their whole lives may not know what they’re missing without having an SUV. Our team here at Certified Autoplex is going to explore the benefits of driving an SUV to give drivers a better idea of what body type will best fit their needs.

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SUVs are becoming increasingly popular the last few years because automakers have found a way to keep the costs down while still providing optimal space for passengers and cargo. Some brands offer hybrid SUV options, but others are just equipped with smaller, more efficient engines. We’re going to explore our top three reasons why drivers should choose an SUV.

2016 BMW X5 cargo volume

Top Three Reasons to Choose an SUV

  1. Versatility  Whether you’re going on an off-road adventure or taking the kids to soccer practice, an SUV is ready for it all. Most full-size SUVs are designed to handle tough terrain, which make them the perfect vehicle for camping or exploring spots off the beaten path.
  2. Space Drivers who choose a full-size SUV as their next vehicle will more than likely have seating for up to eight passengers depending on the specific model. Not only do SUVs offer plenty of seating, but there’s also a lot of room for extra belongings and personal cargo.
  3. Efficiency If you’re looking for versatility, a truck is always an option, but the fuel economies can be hard to settle with. As for space, a minivan is known for offering plenty of it, but it’s not as efficient.

Here at Certified Autoplex, we carry only used vehicles. We specialize in luxury brands, but we also have a lot of mainstream options as well. Our website allows drivers to narrow down their search by body style, which is where you can shop our inventory for used SUVs. We carry everything from Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe models to BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML350 models.

Those interested in learning more are welcome to contact our team here at Certified Autoplex for more information. Drivers are welcome to schedule a test drive online when they’ve found a specific model they’re interested in.

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