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Three Common Reasons Brands Would Discontinue a Model

Here at Certified Autoplex near Dallas TX, we have a wide selection of pre-owned luxury models from a variety of brands. Some of our models, like the Acura TL , the Mercedes-Benz GLK, and the Chrysler Town & Country have actually been discontinued. By why do brands discontinue models? Keep reading to learn three common reasons that brands discontinue models, and also a little about parts and warranty information.

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Why do brands discontinue models?

There are plenty of reasons why a brand might discontinue a model. In the case of the Mercedes-Benz GLK, the brand did an overhaul of their naming conventions, which means that the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is very similar to the GLK, but with a new name. Both the Acura TL and the TSX were discontinued in place of a new model, the Acura TLX, which, judging by recently released models, contains the good parts of both of them. With the Chrysler Town & Country minivan, the new Chrysler Pacifica that replaced it fills the same driving niche, but with so many changes that the brand felt it worthwhile to completely change the name. These are three common reasons a brand might discontinue a model.

Can I get parts for a discontinued model?

One of the concerns that people have about a discontinued model is if they will be able to make repairs. In most cases, the brands will continue to make the necessary parts to repair a model that has been discontinued. If an entire brand is discontinued, generally there will still be options for drivers to get the necessary parts.

Will the warranties still be valid?

A discontinued model of recent model years will still have the warranty that it came with. If there was a two-year warranty on a model, that warranty will not disappear just because it was the last year that the model was produced. If a brand becomes discontinued, there may be some challenges, but most warranties remain valid.

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